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Why they are fab...

"Iconic well made fashion presented within a superb, but understated experience".

Brand Intelligence – How they differentiate themselves

Walking into a Paul Smith store is rather like walking into a top 5 star hotel.

You are walking into an experience where the products for sale are part of the experience. Also, Part of the art.

Therefore, you are not bombarded by the brand and signs proclaiming discounts, sales and directions. So, you have take your time and explore the store to find something interesting.

Subtle branding does not shout at you or the world. You know it’s Paul Smith and that is all that matters.

Moreover, the fashion has extreme attention to detail and quality with a premium price that you appreciate rather than struggling to understand the value.

Even the receipt is placed into a well designed envelope.

The staff are considered, professional, welcoming and leave you alone.

Fashion with a twist. Classic cuts with the unexpected. Like this year’s Octopuses.

Their competition

Hugo Boss, Prada and Burberry



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Paul Smith and Brand Intelligence
Paul Smith and Brand Intelligence
Paul Smith and Brand Intelligence

Hello octopus

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octopus is the new name and brand for former Cast Intelligence. The launch of octopus reflects a positive move to grow us into a major global player in the field in Competitive Intelligence. octopus and it’s message makes a somewhat complicated subject really understandable.

Managing Director Graeme Dixon appointed Inbetween to create the new brand. Graeme commented “We asked and Inbetween listened. Inbetween were the only agency who focused their proposal on our needs rather than talking about themselves.

The creative geniuses at Inbetween blew us away with their desire to really make a difference and elevate Cast Intelligence to the next level. Their passion for our brand resonates every single time we speak to them. The octopus was born and it is so right for us.
Our octopus brand is perfect and our website is exceptional in terms of how we are portrayed.”

octopus provides intelligence services to answer the questions you need to know. Services include, competitive intelligence, due diligence, artificial intelligence, market research, investment intelligence, product intelligence, creative brand intelligence, profiling and global insight. G4S, Aviva, PWC, Sun Microsystems and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office are just some of the organisations who have trusted their large data sets to the Octopus team so they can understand their current and potential markets better and innovate.