Bring intelligence into the board room, and make it a powerful tool in creating a competitive advantage.

Board advisory intelligence

Contingency intelligence

We can bring the role of intelligence alive in your board room and your wider organisation.

Being increasingly called on to advise corporate boards of directors on the value of intelligence, we can support you by proving an impartial view of your ever-changing marketplace – and how intelligence can give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Intelligence into the boardroom

This means communicating to your board that intelligence is not jumping on the latest fad. It is not merely copying a competitor.

It is about determining where your board needs to take your organisation, how it can neutralise potential problems along the way and maximise previously unforeseen opportunities.

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You retain us to keep a close eye on your competitors and markets to ensure when you have a problem we are here for you with up to date picture of what’s going on.

A battlefield General doesn’t care how they create intelligence. They want to know which direction to point their troops, where the enemy is going to shoot at them, their strength and weaknesses. Also, how many of them there are.

Likewise, as a business leader you are in the same camp. When you need to make a decision and take action you want to be armed with fresh and accurate intelligence.

Therefore, how we monitor competitors, which software used or what and who we asked to get the intelligence is not important.

So, we understand you need:

  • Answers to the intelligence questions.
  • Simple report with just the key points – Backed up with further reading and updates.
  • So, you know what’s happening.
  • To make a decision and take action.