Reshoring within the UK textile industry

“It was a shock to us that there were so many textiles related companies outside London. Buyers need to know about them.”


An Edinburgh-based investment fund


Textiles industry
Market analysis
Was there life in the UK textiles industry?
Reshoring is taking place in the UK


Octopus was asked to produce an overview of the UK textile industry by a group of investors. We were told to cut through the politics and associated noise to examine the size, state and viability of the industry in the UK and what was needed to get re-shoring moving.


We analysed current textiles companies in the Leicestershire area, determining the key issues which were stopping reshoring. We talked to textiles businesses, universities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and other experts. We assessed export and import data and looked at what was stopping London buyers buying British.


We produced the document and it went to government, senior management in retail organisations, banks and local authorities. Our findings were even featured on BBC Radio4.