Product Intelligence

Get your hands on the right global products and services.

Product and Patent Intelligence

Software Testing

It can be a challenge when looking for a specific product or service.Using our global network we know what it takes to get hold of the products, services and raw materials you need.

Let us know what you want and we will do our best to get it to your front door.

Patent Intelligence is something else we offer. In-depth patent searches and competitor Patent monitoring and analysis with the support of our trusted Patent Attorney.

Secure and optimised software can give you the edge over your competition. Equally, if your software isn’t serving you as it should, you could be prone to breaches at worst and inefficiency at best.

10 years’ experience. Our independent software testing service brings you the combined expertise of 150 highly experienced IT professionals. With over a decade of delighting customers, our software team is trusted to test current software and make recommendations for improvements.

Mobile and data security Octopus also has a highly skilled team testing mobile and data security technologies. Our 20+ team has comprehensive knowledge of languages such as Python, Bash scripts, PHP, LUA and C among others. We have significant experience within:

    • Encryption/decryption algorithms
    • Blockchain associated technology
    • Ubuntu Touch OS, iOS and Android OS and mobile platform protocols
    • AWS and OpenSSL
    • GIT and Network sockets
    • Radius server and LDAP
    • MongoDB, MySQL, FTP, SSH etc

    Such is the quality of our service, we are trusted to test software for a major cyber security software company, Biz2credit, Citibank, Sodexo and many others.