Monitor your competitors

Keep a close eye on your competition and your market in real time. Seize the advantage.

Why monitor competitors?

Be in the know all the time

octopus can monitor your competitors. We can look at your competitors’ communications – PR, press releases, marketing and see what they say on Linkedin, social media, CVs and adverts – to find their habits and patterns. We can see when they start a new project, move to a new office or make any other change that may affect you.

Then, if a member of your competitors’ team moves on to another rival, it is human nature to repeat what was successful at their previous company. We can also monitor them, looking at their habits to reveal what they are likely to do next. 

To give you a complete and up to date picture of what your competitors and markets are up to right now, octopus offers an enlightening real time Competitive Intelligence platform. This allows you to monitor the activity of as many customers, prospects, industries and competitors as you like.

Using cutting edge machine-learning technology, your dashboard is constantly updated to provide key information, tracking your competitor and market news from thousands of sources.

Such is the value to your business of this bespoke platform, we are offering this excellent monitoring service to you for a very reasonable monthly fee. We think it’s a great way to make Competitive Intelligence work for you. We hope you share our view.