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Are They Cheaper Than You?

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Competitive Intelligence Beating your competitor

You are offering a better service, but one of your competitors are constantly beating you into the ground by being cheaper than you?

They could be trying to buy a market share, and unless they have very deep pockets, their price cutting tactics will not last very long.

It could be that they have a significant cost advantage over you or that your cost structures are bulging at the seams.

All is not lost as Competitive Intelligence can help you understand what’s going on so you can decide what you are doing to do about it.

Find out what their headcount, distribution, materials and other overheads applicable to your industry.

Understand their business strategy and production process.

Assess how much money do they have to play with, do they have any debt and are they able to manage it?

Who are their suppliers and are they getting a better deal than you?

Are they sharing costs with other parts of their business etc.?

and be honest, what are they doing better than you?

Walk on by

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When most companies become comfortable, focusing on the markets they know, they find it hard to change, and they become easy targets to beat when the market changes.

You can have all the intelligence in the world, but if difficult decisions are not made on the back of the Intelligence, the competition will pass you by.

Deception Within Competitive Intelligence

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Competitive Intelligence can be used to deceive your competitors and make them feel threatened.

They start doubting what they think they know and use resources to counter attack. This confusion gives you space to do what you want to do, like launching a new product.

An effective deception plan is extremely valuable, but a bodyguard of truth must surround it.

Sounds far fetched? It happens more than you think.